A Hands-On Leadership Course Designed for the Working Class Family Man Who Wants More Out of Life

  • Learn to Harness the Power of Your Blue Collar Background

  • Callous Your Mind and Start Living A Disciplined Life

  • Acknowledge and Overcome Your Weaknesses By Developing a Warrior Mindset

  • Improve Your Mental Health by Developing a Daily Happiness Hygiene Routine


  • The Work Book

    We'll send you a personalized workbook that simultaneously teaches you how to live a goal-oriented life while introducing discipline to your day-to-day routine.

  • Weekly Live Calls

    Live zoom calls every week from your coaches and guest lecturers that are experts in their field.

  • 60 Days to Success

    We'll help you develop a daily regiment over the next 60 days to help you reach your short term and long-term goals.

  • Supercharge Your Morning Routine

    From journaling to meditation to exercise, we'll revolutionize your morning routine to help you conquer the day.

  • Direct Personalized Communication

    We'll text you inspirational messages on a regular basis to keep you motivated and to check in on your progress.

  • We'll Keep You On The Road to Success

    We don't just give up on you after you successfully finish the course. We'll make sure you stay on the road to success by sending you thirty day challenges that our alumni learn as a group.

  • Track Your Progress

    We'll track your progress so you can focus on things that matter, like developing an unconquerable mindset. We'll send you certificates of completion to keep you motivated.

  • Unlimited Access

    Get unlimited access to our database of prior calls and motivational videos. You'll also get unlimited access to our membership list to grow your social and professional network.

  • Community Support

    You'll get access to our private and confidential community on Facebook. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who celebrate your successes and challenge you to be the best version of yourself.

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#What are you Fighting For?


Each week, we study the lives of various historical freedom fighters and analyze their greatest strengths and weaknesses. We then  do a deep dive into what made these men so successful.  Next, we extract  nuggets of wisdom from their fights for freedom and apply it to our lives in easily digestible lessons.   The two month course includes weekly calls, daily course work, and 24/7 community.


At Freedom Fighters, we embrace our biblical role as leaders and providers within the home and within our community. We teach modern day masculinity combined with blue-collar grit. We promote family values that have taken a back seat to new-age and metropolitan lifestyles. We build upon the rich traditions of the working class and educate our members on how living a disciplined and purpose-driven life can help them resist the allure of complacency.

Learn How to Thrive in a Blue Blood World

The wealthy and affluent live by a different code than the working class. From how they dress, to how they talk, to what they eat, the blue bloods of the world have a culture all their own. Whether you're a first generation college graduate or a small business owner rubbing elbows with the one percenters, we'll teach you how to blend in and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Build a Growth Mindset Through A Goal-Oriented Regiment

Working class men and women are uniquely positioned to be successful. They are inherently capable of handling stress and life's challenges because they grew up dealing with loss and difficulties on a daily basis. They generally possess an unparalleled work ethic and other admirable attributes. But here's the truth: most men in the working class haven't been taught how to lead and how to succeed. We change that. We'll show them the way and put them on a road to success.


Based on the ground-breaking research of best-selling author and Harvard professor Shawn Achor, Freedom Fighters takes a scientific approach on helping you establish a happier, healthier lifestyle. We'll give you the tools to help you incorporate simple but powerful happiness techniques into your daily routine.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to Your Fight

  • 02

    Self Awareness Questions

    • The Basics

    • Childhood

    • Masculinity

    • Mindset and Leadership

    • Marriage

    • Drugs and Alcohol

  • 03

    Week One: Happiness Hygiene

    • Day One - Introduction to the Importance of Happiness

    • Day One cont'd - Misconceptions on What Makes You Happy

    • Day Two - The Power of Happiness

    • Day Two cont'd - How You Can Be Happier

    • Day Three - Gratitude

    • Challenge

    • Day Four - Journaling

    • Pop Quiz

    • Day Five - Exercise

    • Day Six - Meditation

    • Day Seven - The Power of Praise

  • 04

    Week Two - David Goggins

    • Day One - Modern Day Freedom Fighter

    • Day Two - Path of Most Resistance

    • Day Three - Work Ethic

    • Day Four: Celebrate Failure

    • Day Five: Free Yourself

    • Assignment: Free Yourself

    • Day Six: Soon is Not a Date; Some is Not a Number.


Instructor Bio:

Russell Lorfing is the founder and chief lecturer of Freedom Fighters. Russell is passionate about helping those who come from humble beginnings because he too grew up in a working class, blue-collar family. He knows first hand that men from working class family's learn invaluable life lessons like work ethic, loyalty, and sacrifice. But he is also all-too-familiar with the difficulties and downside of growing up poor. Both of his biological parents were addicts and alcoholics. There was never enough money. The family unit was dysfunctional. Mental illness was rampant. He suffered unimaginable physical and mental abuse at the hands of his biological parents. At 18, he made the decision to not let his past define him. He overcame his life circumstances and became the first in his family to ever attend college. Since then, he has obtained his law degree and has traveled to over 70 countries. In 2019, he achieved his life goal of visiting all seven wonders of the world. He has also ran a marathon on the Great Wall of China, hiked to the base camp of Mt. Everest, survived the Amazon jungle, swam with sharks in the Pacific Ocean, explored the mountains of Patagonia, and tried walking on water at the Sea of Galilee. Over the years, he has founded several non-profits, including A Tad From Dad, a faith-based initiative that provides small gifts to children of incarcerated fathers. When not lecturing, Russell is fighting for working class people in courtrooms throughout Texas. He is a trial lawyer and former Assistant United States Attorney where he worked in the United States Department of Justice. He has been married to his beautiful wife Jessica for the past ten years and is the proud father of three little boys.

Russell Lorfing

Chief Freedom Fighter


Instructor Bio:

Rodney is a proud member of the working class. A combat veteran and Houston firefighter, Rodney knows a little something about service, sacrifice, and work ethic. He also knows about heart ache and loss. Like many men, Rodney struggled through a divorce and a custody battle. He founded a multi-million dollar company and then lost everything in the Great Recession. He never breathed a word about the loss to his friends...instead he started over from scratch. He prescribes to the the old adage that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And as fifth generation Texan, he knows he's tougher than anything life can throw at him. Rodney is married and has four children. When he's not putting out fires, Rodney is advocating for father's rights and coaching working class men to be the best version of themselves.

Rodney Lorfing

Freedom Fighter


Instructor Bio:

Russell Lorfing is the founder and chief lecturer at Freedom Fighters. He's a former federal prosecutor, world traveler, and a small business owner. Of all his accomplishments, he's most proud of his blue-collar upbringing and never forgetting where he came from. He is married to his wife of ten years, Jessica, and is the father to three amazing little boys. When he is not fighting for freedom, he is fighting for working class families in courtrooms throughout Texas.

Russell Lorfing

Chief Freedom Fighter

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